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Force Majeure


In the event that delivery or defect-free delivery is prevented or delayed by events beyond NORSE’s control, including but not limited to labor disputes, operational disruptions, transport difficulties or other third party failure, including supplier or manufacturer insolvency or the like, NORSE may without liability postpone delivery or completely or partially cancel the buyer’s order at its own discretion by notifying the buyer as soon as possible.

If a fixed delivery time has been agreed, then NORSE has the right to extend the deadline in the following cases (See more under SHIPPING):

Force Majeure cf. points below

  • In the event of a delay caused by suppliers, carriers or other third parties
  • In the event of a delay due to a credit assessment of the buyer
  • Unusual weather and climate impacts
  • Labor disputes for whatever reason
  • Public order or prohibition that NORSE should not have foreseen when entering into the agreement


NORSE’s liability cannot, regardless of proven negligence, include daily fines, operating loss, loss of profit, loss of time or other indirect loss, whether the liability is based on ordinary compensation rules or on another basis. If NORSE’s supplier or other third party has a responsibility towards NORSE for delays or shortages, then NORSE will be willing, as far as possible, to provide the buyer with transport in NORSE’s claim against the supplier or third party.