Cutting Discs

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On this page you will find our selection of cutting discs. We sell high-quality cutting discs from our own brand NORSE. In our assortment, you can choose between several sizes and disc measurements for different purposes. At NORSE you can also buy diamond cutting discs, which are the ideal choice when cutting tiles. The reinforced center ensures that you always get a straight cut in the tile. Our diamond cutting discs are available in several different sizes, which fit the most common models of angle grinders on the market.

NORSE Cutting disc is a cutting disc that is particularly suitable for cutting metal and stainless steel. The cutting disc only achieves its full performance potential if it is a perfect match between machine and application. The cutting discs are suitable for freehand use on an angle grinder.

The cutting discs in the sizes 50, 125, 150 and 230 mm are extra thin with means that they have a maximum thickness of 1.9 mm. The discs have a straight shape (shape 41). Cutting discs with a straight shape enable deeper insertion depths and thus a greater number of cuts.

Cutting discs for metal are manufactured using glass fiber reinforced aluminium oxide abrasive grains and resin bonded to provide optimum cutting performance. They must never be used for grinding and must always be used at an angle of 90º. The cutting disc is available in the following sizes: 50, 125, 150, 230 and 400mm.