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NORSE delivers to all of Denmark and abroad we deliver to Sweden, Finland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland at a freight rate applicable at any time. NORSE uses different carriers for the different goods to ensure the best possible freight for the buyer. If a fixed delivery time has been agreed, NORSE has the right to extend the deadline in the following cases:

Force majeure cf. points below

  • In the event of a delay caused by suppliers, carriers or other third parties
  • In the event of a delay due to a credit assessment of the buyer
  • Unusual weather and climate impacts
  • Labor disputes for whatever reason
  • Public order or prohibition that NORSE should not have foreseen when entering into the agreement

If NORSE has made an agreement for delivery to the buyer’s address or another place specified by the buyer, NORSE delivers the package as close to the place of use as a truck can drive at the driver’s discretion without risk of getting stuck or damaging the vehicle or the surroundings. The buyer is obliged to make the necessary personnel available for unloading. If the buyer does not comply with this, NORSE will be entitled, but not obliged, to make delivery with liberating effect at the place of delivery, regardless of whether a representative of the buyer is present. The risk for the item and/or items passes to the buyer at the time of delivery. Delivery is considered correctly delivered when the package is placed at the buyer’s designated location, upon the buyer’s signature and/or upon scanning of the buyer’s power of attorney by the shipping company. The driver’s ticket is considered as documentation for correct delivery. The buyer must pay any costs that result from the buyer not being able to receive the goods at the specified delivery location or if the buyer refuses to receive the goods.

Complaints about and responsibility for delay
In the event of a minor delay, NORSE makes subsequent deliveries. In the event of significant delay on NORSE’s part, the buyer is entitled to cancel the purchase. The buyer is not entitled to any compensation or other compensation due to NORSE’s delay. This applies regardless of whether the buyer withdraws or maintains the purchase.