Grinding Discs

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On this page you will find our selection of cutting discs. We sell high-quality cutting discs from our own brand NORSE. In our assortment, you can choose between several sizes and disc measurements for different purposes. At NORSE you can also buy diamond cutting discs, which are the ideal choice when cutting tiles. The reinforced center ensures that you always get a straight cut in the tile. Our diamond cutting discs are available in several different sizes, which fit the most common models of angle grinders on the market.

There are different types of cup grinding wheels and designs and the amount of segment can vary. Those with many large segments can take on heavy workloads, such as grinding concrete and stone, while those with small or sparse segments are usually used for quick removal of paint, wallpaper, glue, epoxy and other surface coatings. The advanced hole systems allow the steel to be cooled, which helps to extend the service life.

At NORSE you will also find a wide selection of grinding discs and flap discs for angle grinders. At NORSE you will find grinding wheels, cup grinding wheels and flap discs made of high quality. Flap discs and grinding discs are a good choice for grinding steel and stainless steel, but are also good for edge grinding and other demanding grinding tasks. Our grinding wheels are available in several different sizes that fit the most common models on the market. In addition, you will also find cup grinding discs that are adapted to FESTOOL and Hilti machines.