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Protect your hands with work gloves

As a means of protection, gloves are indispensable for many craftsmen. We strive to meet the demand for work gloves for all professions, and efficiently deliver a product that meets expectations, and preferably without unpleasant surprises. You will of course find the classic fabric gloves with coating on one side, along with many other different types of gloves ranging from: work gloves, assembly gloves, winter gloves, chemical gloves to disposable gloves.

If you have to work with chemistry, it is incredibly important to have the right gloves for the purpose. Only use chemical gloves that are approved for the chemicals you are working with. The chemical gloves are available both as nitrile gloves and latex gloves.

At NORSE you will find a wide selection of gloves that can protect your fingers from the cold during the winter months. The gloves are made from different types of materials and qualities. Working in the cold places extra demands on the gloves. It is most important that the glove provides the comfort and protection needed during work. In our range you will find winter work gloves, waterproof gloves and assembly gloves with different degrees of lining, so your hands are protected all year round.

We sell disposable gloves made of nitrile, which can protect your hands against viruses, bacteria, water, soap and some types of chemicals. With us you will find powder-free disposable gloves, so you avoid a possible source of allergy. The gloves are available in several sizes so you can find the right size to suit your needs. In this way, you retain finger sensitivity while protecting your hands. Should the gloves be more durable, you can see our selection of chemical gloves which are approved for working with chemicals.

On this page, you will find our range of high-quality cut-resistant gloves. Cut protection is indicated in five categories, with category 5 being the best protective glove. Cut-resistant gloves typically consist of Kevlar, which is made from cut-resistant aramid fibers. It is the material and the special weaving/knitting method that make the glove particularly cut-resistant. Cut-resistant gloves can also consist of Polythylene fibers, which are also very strong. Cut-resistant gloves are available in both large and small sizes.