About NORSE Denmark

A brand inspired by Scandinavian quality, design and functionality

NORSE Denmark produces products of high quality and which are used in most industries. We are inspired by the many types of crafts and produce aids that both ensure that the finished result and finish are sharp. Our focus is that you must always have the equipment in order so that the delivery of a completed task is 100% satisfactory. We are specialists in assembly gloves and cutting tools.

norse concrete worker 230mm
NORSE Industrial NBR

When the equipment is on point, you also need the right safety equipment for the task. We produce PPE products such as assembly gloves. Our assembly gloves are produced in some of the world’s largest and most innovative factories. Before our production of NORSE Denmark gloves, we test them in companies that address the model. We select and hand-pick our factories with meticulous care and quality-test the products themselves before they come on the market, as well as carry out customer analyses of the products’ functionality.

The head office in NORSE Denmark is located in Ikast, from where we distribute our products to several countries in Europe. The production of products has been in development since 2014 in private label. In 2021, NORSE Denmark was established as its own brand. NORSE Denmark has been able to see a market of quality PPE products where consumers get value for money. At NORSE Denmark we only distributes products through dealers, distributors and agents.

Private label & Outsourcing

The product development at NORSE Denmark is made in collaboration with some of the world’s largest manufacturers and thus ensures the high quality of our products.

Our brand was created based on a desire to deliver better quality than what Marker offers. A desire to have the equipment in order every time you have to perform a task. NORSE Denmark is much more than just accessories for cutting tools and gloves. We also produce products on request.

NORSE Denmark continuously expands its range and if there is demand for a given product, we are always ready to help. NORSE DENMARK has a wide production network and can therefore handle many different types of tasks and inquiries within a wide range of products.