SDS Drill Bit

4-Flute SDS Hammer Drill


The body is made of 40Cr steel, known for its strength and durability in demanding conditions. The tip is made of Tungsten carbide, which ensures superior cutting performance and longer life, even with intensive use.

SDS hammer drill bits are designed for heavy-duty drilling in concrete, stone and other harder building materials. The 4-flute SDS Drill Bit provides the highest precision and cleanest drill holes; exceptional durability and suitable for the most demanding reinforced concrete applications.

SDS hammer drill bits are designed for use with SDS (Slotted Drive System) drills that provide high impact force and rotation. This system allows drill bits to move back and forth in the chuck for increased impact strength. Machines with SDS functionality include rotary hammers and combi hammers that can switch between drilling, impact drilling and chiselling.