Multi Drill Bit

Ceramic/Multi Drill Bit


The bit is made from 40Cr steel for robustness, while the tip is made from a tungsten-cobalt alloy to provide hardness and wear resistance. This combination ensures the bit can withstand demanding drilling applications in a variety of materials.

The spiral: The design of the spiral is optimized for efficient chip removal, which is critical for maintaining drilling speed and preventing overheating.
The smooth chip flow also reduces the risk of the drill bit jamming during use.

The tip: The ground tungsten/cobalt tip ensures a sharp start and sustained cutting performance. Its shape is ideal for drilling accurately in hard materials such as brick and metal, but also fine for working in more fragile materials such as ceramics and wood without causing damage.

Pre-packaging: 10 pcs. per tube
Ø12-16mm 5 pcs. per tube