Purifier FFP3

Disposable Mask With Valve FFP3 NR D


Lightweight structure for easy breathability and comfortable use. Protects against harmful and toxic dust, radioactive dust, viruses and bacteria, both solid particles and liquid aerosols.

Ergonomically shaped mask with skin-friendly foam reinforcement ensures a customised seal for different face sizes.
With exhalation valve for reduced heat build-up and easier breathing in hot/humid environments

Metal-free construction for environmental protection. Face seal and fully adjustable head straps ensure a secure seal and extreme comfort for long-term use.

Latex-free material to avoid irritation and 4-point fastening with plastic buckles for adjustable and secure fit.
Complies with EN 149:2001+A1:2009. Class FFP3 NR D – V, the highest protection class within FFP masks.