Purifier FFP2 LBR

Disposable Mask With Valve FFP2 NR D


Innovative respirator mask with extremely low breathing resistance – 59% less than other FFP2 masks. Class FFP2 NR D: suitable for a range of work environments where particle protection is required.

Moulded mask with skin-friendly foam reinforcement for increased comfort and tightness. Ergonomically shaped to ensure comfort, even during prolonged use.
Equipped with exhalation valve and sealing edge over the nose for better breathability and fit.

Meets EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards for respiratory protective equipment. Advanced low-resistance exhalation valve reduces hot air build-up and facilitates breathing in hot/humid environments.
Latex-free elastic and 4-point fastening with plastic buckles ensure a secure and adjustable fit.