Jigsaw Wood

Jigsaw blade for wood


Jigsaw is the perfect jigsaw blade for everyday woodworking tasks. A great standard blade that you should always have in your collection. The blade shank with a cross tenon on both sides (T) is the most common and therefore fits the most common jigsaws on the market.

With a width of 7.5 mm you get good support for straight cuts, but also the possibility to make soft curves. The teeth are milled out of the steel. They are then turned slightly to the sides so that the saw kerf is slightly wider than the blade. This makes the jigsaw more robust and it cuts faster.

The length is 100 mm on this jigsaw blade, but should always be adapted to the material. That is, the blade should be long enough to reach all the way through, but not so long that it starts to vibrate.

The blade measures 100 × 7,5 × 1,2 and is made of extra hard-wearing quality.

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