Jigsaw Metal

Jigsaw blade for metal


Jigsaw Metal is the perfect jigsaw blade for everyday metal work. The blades are made with a CrV steel body and M2 steel (HSS) teeth. The blade has a milled, corrugated edge which makes them suitable for fine cuts in thin sheet metal, aluminium etc.

With Jigsaw Metal you get good quality and a more precise construction. A very good standard blade that you should always have in your collection. The blade shank with a cross pin on both sides (T) is the most common and therefore fits the most common jigsaws on the market.

The length is 76 mm on this jigsaw blade, but should always be adapted to the material. This means that the blade should be long enough to reach all the way through, but not so long that it starts to vibrate.

Comes in packs of 5 or 20.

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