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Returns & Complaints


NORSE does not accept returned goods. If, despite the above, it is separately agreed that NORSE will take back goods, the goods must be unused, in defect-free condition and in original and unbroken packaging. The goods must also be free of dirt etc. Goods, specially produced and/or taken home to the buyer, will however never be returned by NORSE. NORSE credits approved returned goods with deduction of the fee set by NORSE to cover return costs and NORSE sales costs.


According to Danish legislation, all goods are covered by a 12-month right of complaint. The complaint must be raised in a timely manner and quickly after the finding. If the complaint is justified, NORSE can choose to correct errors and defects by repair, exchange or refund depending on the specific situation. Faults due to unsuitable or incorrect storage or use are not covered by the right of complaint. If the complaint is justified, we will refund reasonable shipping costs. The item must be sent free of charge to NORSE in proper packaging and arrive in undamaged condition. The buyer bears the risk in connection with the shipment to NORSE.

Complaints about and responsibility for delay
In the event of a minor delay, NORSE makes subsequent deliveries. In the event of significant delay on NORSE’s part, the buyer is entitled to cancel the purchase. The buyer is not entitled to any compensation or other compensation due to NORSE’s delay. This applies regardless of whether the buyer withdraws or maintains the purchase.


The buyer must immediately upon delivery or receipt and always before the goods are put into use, processed or installed, inspect the delivered goods to ensure that they are free of defects and correct, including color and shade differences that are within the acceptable range. Complaints about defects or misdelivery, including quantity deviations that the buyer has or should have found after inspection, the buyer must report immediately to NORSE and absolutely no later than 5 working days after the delivery of the goods to the buyer in order to be taken into account. The buyer cannot later claim defects that could have been detected during the previous inspection. In the event of errors or deficiencies that have arisen in connection with the transport and which can be immediately ascertained upon delivery, the buyer is obliged to notify the carrier in question and to ensure that the driver notes and acknowledges visible errors and deficiencies on the waybill. Responsibility for defects in the sale item lies with NORSE’s manufacturer or supplier.