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Prices & Offers


As NORSE mainly deals with commercial customers, the prices on the website are shown exclusive of VAT. Price including VAT appears in brackets. All prices are quoted exclusive of freight, packaging and any handling fees. All prices are daily prices and only valid on the day of the order. NORSE is continuously entitled to make price changes in price lists and offers without notice, if nothing else has been agreed in writing.


NORSE makes any offer subject to intermediate sales. Unless otherwise expressly agreed, the offer is only valid for acceptance no later than 30 days after the offer date. NORSE assumes no responsibility for the content of catalogues, brochures and other information of any kind from NORSE’s suppliers.


The buyer’s order and order of any kind is binding for NORSE and the buyer upon placing the order. After submitting an order to the seller, the buyer does not have the right to change it or cancel it. If, despite the above, NORSE separately approves a change or cancellation, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the cancellation or change, including costs for storage and ensuring quality and properties as well as business, as a result of the postponed delivery time. Agreements on changes to or additions to the original agreement are not binding on NORSE, without written confirmation from NORSE.