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Any dispute that may arise between the parties must be settled by arbitration, unless NORSE decides that the dispute must be settled by the ordinary courts. All disputes must be settled in accordance with these sales and delivery conditions for business customers and otherwise according to Danish law. If the case is to be decided by arbitration, the arbitration court must be established according to the rules in §47 of “General Terms and Conditions for Works and Supplies in Building and Construction” (hereinafter AB 18). Opinions and judgments must be established after legal proceedings brought before the ordinary courts. If the case is decided by the ordinary courts, the case must be brought at the venue of NORSE’s head office, regardless of where the buyer lives or stays.


NORSE does not provide an independent guarantee on delivered goods. The buyer agrees to only be able to raise claims in accordance with the supplier’s guarantee for a product directly to the supplier, as NORSE only passes on information about a possible supplier’s guarantee to the buyer.