Magic Bit 50mm

Magic Bit 50mm
SKUBit typeLength
03-082-011Torx 1050mm
03-082-012Torx 1550mm
03-082-013Torx 2050mm
03-082-014Torx 2550mm
03-082-015Torx 3050mm
03-082-016Torx 4050mm


A simple but ingenious patented invention that gives full control over the screws in difficult working positions, as the Magic Bits hold the screw in all positions.

Torx bits distributes the pressure over 6 contact points, and the bit does not push itself out of the screw.

Phillips crosscut bits consist of a simple cross with tapered sides. This screw is somewhat easier to control than the straight slotted screw, and the cross slot itself is a little more difficult to destroy, as the pressure here is distributed over 4 contact surfaces.

The Pozidrive crosscut bits provide a better grip in the bit, as you basically now have 8 edges and an even better fit.

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