236 E-Cut Carbide Pro Saw Blade

Multicutter Saw Blade


NORSE Starlock are multicutter blades of extra good quality and are produced in Germany. Blade no. 236 TiN-coated carbide plunge-cut saw blade with extremely good resistance to wear. Lasts 100% longer than uncoated carbide saw blades. Lasts 30 times longer than HSS saw blades.

The right choice for tough materials, such as ferrous metals, stainless steel or copper pipes. Can even be used for hardened screws (Spax) and high-strength machine screws. But also ideally suited to abrasive materials, such as bricks, masonry or fibre cement boards as well as laminate, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and fibreglass-reinforced plastic.

Good cutting results and cutting quality in all timber materials, such as hardwood or chipboard. Narrow, with waist for optimum cutting speed and good swarf removal.