The Complete Glove Guide

At NORSE we have a wide range of gloves, and the selection is only getting bigger! As a means of protection, gloves are indispensable for many craftsmen.
Therefore we have composed a complete guide to help you find the right glove(s) for the job!

Below we have collected all our gloves so that you can get an overview, so that you can quickly find the right glove for any work task.

Find the right size

Measure the circumference of your hand just below your knuckles. Remember to measure all the way around your hand. You can compare the measurement you get with the size guide below, which shows both inches and centimeters. If your measurement is between two sizes, we would always recommend that you take the smallest size to get a proper fit, as the glove contains spandex and therefore gives.

CE SizeCE 4CE 5CE 6CE 7CE 8CE 9CE 10CE 11CE 12
Rib ColourPurpleGreenOrangeRedYellowBlueBrownBlackWhite

The top chart contains the sizes that are most common and which is applied for our range of nitrile gloves. The bottom chart contains the sizes which applies for all NORSE assembly gloves. All the gloves are produced in accordance to EN ISO 21420:2020 (previously EN 420) that defines the general requirements and test procedures for glove design and construction.

CE Cat.ColourEN388
Blade Cut
ARCTICIIOrange2131PolyesterLatexFull9 – 11
CUT-DIIGrey4X (D)42NylonNitrileHalf8 – 11
ECO FLEX ORIGINALIIGreen4121NylonNitrileHalf7 – 11
ECO FLEX SUPREMEIIBlue4121NylonNitrileHalf7 – 11
ECO LIGHTIIHi-Vis Yellow2131PolyesterLatexHalf7 – 11
FLEX ORIGINALIIGrey4121NylonNitrileHalf7 – 11
FLEX SUPREMEIIGrey4131NylonNitrileHalf7 – 11
INDUSTRIAL NBRIIBlue4111CottonNitrileFull9 – 11
LIGHTIIHi-Vis Yellow2131PolyesterLatexHalf8 – 11
LIQUIDIIBlue2131PolyesterLatexFull8 – 11
POLARIIOrange2231AcrylLatexHalf9 – 11
POWERGRIPIIRed2131PolyesterLatexHalf7 – 11
PU BLACKIIBlack3121PolyesterPUHalf7 – 11
PU WHITEIIWhite3121PolyesterPUHalf7 – 11
WATERPROOFIIBlue4121PolyesterNitrileFull9 – 12
WINTERIIHi-Vis Yellow4121AcrylNitrileHalf8 – 11
SHORT FLEX SUPREMEIIGrey4131NylonNitrileHalf7 – 11
JUNIORIGreen/PurpleXXXXNylonLatexHalf4 – 5

*The overview shows the glove’s primary material – This means that several of the gloves also consist of a mixture of e.g. polyester and spandex. If you need further information, you can find this with each individual product.