Markings on Abrasive Discs

Markings on Abrasive Discs Common to all cutting and grinding discs at NORSE is that the design contains several different markings. Below you can read more about what the different markings mean. Standards First and foremost, discs must comply with the EN12413 (for cutting discs) and EN13743 (for flap discs) standards. In short, EN 12413 […]

Multi Tool Interfaces

Different types of Multi Tool Interfaces If you’re already familiar with the multi-cutter, you’ll know how smart and versatile a tool it is. But the “clever” part is not the machine itself, but the wide range of accessories available for it. With the right tools, the multi-cutter can cut, saw, sand, grind, mill and scrape […]

Cutting & Grinding Discs

A complete guide to finding the right cutting disc for the job. Are you doubting which cutting or grinding disc you should use for a given task? No need to worry. We have composed a complete guide of all the different cutting and grinding discs that are a part our product range. LAMELLA GRINDING DISCS/FLAP […]