Getting Started
From the Home page click on one of the catagory logos (e.g. Activewear Tops). You can also browse the store by category using the menus on the left (e.g. Socks). To browse by product department (i.e Mens, Womans) click on by Department in the left menu.

Search by Brand
To list all products for a brand (i.e Norsewear, Norsetech), select the relevant brand from the pull down menu in the brand portlet on the left.

The Catagories Page
Each product under the category or brand you selected is listed here. Click on one of the product names or images listed to view the products details.

The Product Details Page
This page provides detailed information on the selected product. You also have the option of selecting a size and colour for each products.

Zooming In
Click on the product picture. This opens a new window with a larger image of the product. To close with window, click the 'Back' button at the beneath the image (you may need to scroll down if the image is large).

You can browse through other products in the current category by using the 'Pervious' or 'Next' buttons below the product image. You can retrace your steps using the blue navigation 'breadcrumbs' strip near the top of the page.

Once you have chosen a product you wish to purchase, select the size and colour and the number of items you with to purchase (quantity). Click the Add to Basket button.

The Shopping Cart
Each item you Add to your basket is placed on this page. You can go back and browse through other products by clicking the 'Continue Shopping' button at the bottom of the page. Don't worry, your basket will 'remember' what you have placed in it and your items will still be there when you return. You can return to your basket any time by clicking the 'Shopping Cart' icon at the top of all pages.

If you wish to remove an item from your shopping cart, click on the 'Delete' button on the left of the items image.

Once you have added all the items you wish to purchase to you shopping cart, click the 'Checkout' icon at the top of all pages.

If you have purchased from Norseshop before, enter you email address and password to login and continue the checkout process.

If this is your first purchase please enter your customer details to ensure we ship to the correct place.

The relevant shipping option is automatically selected for you based on the total value of your order.

All Shipping is via New Zealand Post Air Mail and takes approximately 5-10 working days to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Order Shipping / Payment Information
Next you will be required to provide shipping information and payment details. Please note that the fields marked with a blue star (*) require you to enter something.

Credit Card Payment Details
You will be automaticlly transferred to a secure web page to enter in your Credit Card details.

Once you have filled out this information, click the Submit Order button to process your order.

Thank you
Your order has now been sent to us. We will process it and send it out to you as soon as possible.

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